Ana Musgray

~ Travel Advisor Manager

Meet Ana Musgray, the seasoned Travel Advisor Manager at About Australia, boasting a remarkable 25-year career in the travel industry. Originally from Ecuador, Ana’s childhood travels ignited a passion that evolved into a lifelong dedication to crafting unique travel experiences. Her “A La Carte” approach involves blending client dreams with incredible destinations, specializing in luxury and adventure travel for individuals, couples, and groups.

Armed with a three-year Travel Management training program completion in Germany, Ana ensures meticulous attention to clients’ needs as she oversees our Travel Advisor team with contagious passion and vigor. Her organizational prowess, mastery of both new and old-school methods, and fluent proficiency in English, Spanish, and German contribute to smooth client communication.

New Zealand holds a special place in Ana’s heart for its stunning landscapes, pure air, delicious food, top-notch Sauvignon Blanc, and friendly people. Her passion for travel shines through as she sees every client’s request as a new journey, finding joy in being part of their memorable adventure.

As a forward-thinker, she is excited about organizing group tours exclusively for women, focusing on culture, wellness, or adventure, empowering women to explore the world.

A Word from Ana:

Can you share a memorable experience where you went above and beyond to meet a client’s expectations?

“Once, a couple faced flight cancellations for their Kangaroo Island trip. It was late at night, but I helped them rearrange their plans for the next day, including changing their flight and coordinating with the hotel, rental car, and tour vendor. Upon her return, she generously donated $500 in my name for Australian wildlife conservation—a touching gesture that meant a lot to me.”