Belinda Bishop

~ Travel Advisor

Belinda Bishop, a seasoned Travel Advisor at About Australia, brings over three decades of experience in the travel industry to the table. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Belinda’s journey in travel began in 1987 when she embarked on a career as a travel agent after completing her education. Since then, she has traversed various roles within the travel sector, including reservations at Air New Zealand, wholesale travel specializing in Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific Islands, and even served as a Director of Sales for a group of hotels.

With a passion for exploring the world’s wonders, Belinda is a certified PADI Divemaster and has traveled extensively across Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, and The Cook Islands.

Belinda’s expertise extends beyond her vast travel experience. As a certified Destination Specialist for Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, The Cook Islands, and Hawaii, she is well-equipped to craft personalized travel experiences tailored to her clients’ preferences and needs. Specializing in South Pacific islands, diving, and group travel, Belinda’s diverse portfolio of expertise ensures that each client receives a bespoke itinerary perfectly suited to their desires. Belinda’s approach to travel planning is rooted in building strong relationships with her clients. By understanding their needs, preferences, and past travel experiences, she crafts personalized itineraries that exceed expectations.

Passionate about staying informed on the latest travel trends and industry changes, Belinda dedicates herself to continuous learning. From attending conferences and training sessions to participating in familiarization trips, she stays ahead of the curve to provide her clients with up-to-date information and insider tips.

When she’s not busy curating dream vacations for her clients, Belinda enjoys spending time with her family in Las Vegas, where she currently resides. With three teenage sons, she continues to instill her love for travel and cultural exploration, ensuring that her children grow up with a global perspective.

A Word from Belinda:

What is your favorite thing about working at About Australia?

“I’m proud to be Australian and I feel fortunate that I get to talk about my home country every day. It was a great place to grow up and I enjoy going seeing something new every time I go as it’s a big place.”