Australia’s Sydney Festival

Festival Village

Experience one of the most prestigious cultural celebrations in the world! The Sydney Festival, Jan 8 – Jan 26, 2015.

Every January, thousands of artists and entertainers from all over the world gather for the world-famous Sydney Festival. This event features over 400 performances, 140 events, and over 40 venues – each with their own diverse and unforgettable style. Festival-goers can immerse themselves in the culture of the historic city, while discovering both local and international talent.

Since it’s start in 1977, the Sydney Festival has grown into one of the biggest cultural celebrations in Australia. The festival offers a wide array of genres – including theater, dance, public art, and music. While enjoying the incredible performing arts acts, audience members can also sample the wide array of delicious local cuisine inside of Festival Village, conveniently located in the heart of Hyde Park. With many free and ticked events, people of all ages flock to Hyde Park to participate in the fun activities; free events include games, workshops, story telling, and much more; come experience it all!

If this event sounds like something that you can’t miss, we can coordinate all arrangements including flights, transfers, accommodation, event bookings, plus additional touring.

This once in a lifetime event will make your Australian vacation unforgettable!

Getting There

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