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Tahiti captivates visitors with its stunning crystal-clear lagoons, lush mountain landscapes, and vibrant black sand beaches, ideal for both relaxation and adventure. The island’s rich Polynesian culture, combined with luxurious overwater bungalows, offers an unforgettable experience of tropical paradise.

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TAHITI Vacations

An island paradise in the South Pacific rich in Polynesian ancestry. Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands, and the well-known name ‘Tahiti’ also identifies the large group of islands that make up the French Polynesia.

The islands are home to beautiful mountain peaks, luxurious resorts and accommodations, and corals reefs teeming with life. Each island is unique in their own way promising you an amazing experience. A popular spot for renewing wedding vows because of the unique and personal experience that Tahiti offers couples. Couples get married, though not legally binding, by a Tahitian priest and are given their Tahitian names.

The group of islands span across an area of the South Pacific equivalent to the size of Western Europe and there are many fashion stores, handcrafted jewelry stores, and a variety of restaurants serving local cuisine influenced by the French and Asian cultures to explore. The locals are very respectful and kind to visitors. The philosophy of the locals is ‘aita pea pea’ meaning “not to worry”. This is a way of life for the people, and, in turn, they are very welcoming towards visitors.

There are many island tours to enjoy and participate in that will give you a sense of the Tahitian Lifestyle and let you experience French Polynesia culture. Tahiti also has many great diving and snorkeling locations throughout the islands. With many coral reefs close by to explore, many travelers love going for an undersea adventure while relaxing in Tahiti. Commonly known as Black Pearls, these gems are one of mother nature’s most beautiful creations and can only be created in Tahiti’s warm lagoon waters.

Relax in Polynesian spas and experience the Tahitian way of relaxation. Explore the islands on cruise ships that offer unique experiences. Tahiti vacations offer many wonderful activities to experience while exploring the islands.

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