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Map of Uluru, Australia
Uluru, a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of Australia’s Northern Territory, offers visitors breathtaking views, especially during sunrise and sunset when the rock’s colors shift dramatically. This iconic natural landmark, rich in indigenous culture and history, invites exploration of its surrounding walking trails and ancient rock art sites. Many people also find a profound spiritual experience, feeling a deep connection to the sacred significance of the area to the Anangu people.

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Map of Uluru, Australia

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Uluru (Ayers Rock) Touring the Outback Kata Tjuta National Park Australia

12 DAYS, 10 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31207

Outback, Reef & Sydney Trip

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Sydney (3 Nights), Alice Springs (2), Uluru (Ayers Rock) (2), Cairns (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel
EXPERIENCE: Outback | Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef
Uluru Ayers Rock Australia Kata Tjuta

11 DAYS, 9 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31134

Great Barrier Reef, Outback & Sydney Tour

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Port Douglas (4 Nights), Uluru (Ayers Rock) (2), Sydney (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel | Self Drive
EXPERIENCE: Nature | Wildlife | Food & Wine

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia Sound of Silence Dinner

13 DAYS, 11 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31137

Great Barrier Reef, Outback, Sydney & Melbourne Tour

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Sydney (3 Nights), Port Douglas (3), Uluru (2), Melbourne (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel
EXPERIENCE: Outback | Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef
Uluru Ayers Rock Australia Field of Light

14 DAYS, 12 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31088

Tropical Reef, Outback & Ghan Train Tour

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Cairns (3 Nights), Darwin (2), Ghan (1), Alice Springs (1), Uluru (2), Sydney (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Trains
EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef | Nature | Wildlife | Indigenous Culture | Trains
Uluru Ayers Rock Australia

25 DAYS, 23 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31061

Australia, New Zealand & Fiji Vacation

COUNTRIES: Australia, New Zealand & Fiji
DESTINATIONS: Wellington (2 Nights), Christchurch (2), Queenstown (3), Sydney (3), Ayers Rock (2), Port Douglas (4), Melbourne (3),The Palms (1), Matamanoa (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Honeymoon & Romance
EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef | Outback| Trains | Food & Wine

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