Lizandra Santillan

~ Marketing

Meet Lizandra Santillan, the Digital Marketing Specialist extraordinaire at About Australia. With five years in the travel game, Lizandra collaborates with MJ Maxwell, Co-Owner and Director of Marketing and Technology, as part of our marketing team.

When she first started at About Australia, Lizandra was stunned by the diverse landscapes that call Australia home. But what really captivated her were the colorful traditions and stories of Australian aboriginal cultures.

One of her favorite travel memories? On a trip to Sydney, Barangaroo House served up a nine-course degustation menu that blew Lizandra’s mind – and taste buds. Now, she’s on a mission to try out the weirdest, wildest, and most wonderful food experiences on her travels.

Violet Crumble holds a special place in her Aussie snack-loving heart, and when it comes to work, Lizandra can’t get enough of learning about the coolest destinations and experiences that you won’t find on your average travel brochure.

Lizandra regularly attends Australia travel events and training, and has had the privilege of experiencing familiarization trips to Australia and New Zealand – all to bring you the inside scoop on the best of the best.

When she’s not slaying it in the marketing world, Lizandra’s hobbies include roller skating, reading the classics, and dancing.

A word from Lizandra:

Is there a specific destination that holds a special place in your heart?

The Port Stephens area north of Sydney captivated me with its towering sand dunes, stunning beaches, and incredible seafood – squid ink pasta in particular – that I still think about to this day. I tried sandboarding on the dunes, which was incredibly fun. The tiring walk back up the sand dunes is worth the ride down. And the contrasting landscapes in Port Stephens – from the tallest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere to its picture perfect beaches – really impressed me!