Mac Villegas

~ Accounts Payable

Meet Mac Villegas, a seasoned professional with five years of experience in the travel industry, currently contributing his expertise to About Australia’s accounting department. Mac seamlessly combines his love for numbers with a passion for travel, making him an integral part of our dedicated team.

Outside of work, Mac finds joy in diverse activities—reading, watching documentaries, delving into genealogy research, and spending quality time with his two feline companions, Nieves and Nacho. These moments of enrichment contribute to Mac’s well-rounded approach to both professional and personal pursuits.

Queenstown and Wellington feature prominently on Mac’s travel bucket list. The majestic mountains surrounding Queenstown and Wellington’s allure as “the coolest little capital in the world” have captured his imagination, reflecting his appreciation for natural beauty and vibrant city life.

What makes Mac truly cherish his role at About Australia? It’s the camaraderie of being part of a great team and the fulfillment that comes when clients have the best traveling experiences. Mac carries this ethos into his work, ensuring that the financial side of your travel adventure is as seamless and enjoyable as the journey itself.

A word from Mac:

What’s your most memorable personal travel experience, and how did it influence your perspective on travel?

“My best friend and I took a road trip to visit three Six Flags theme parks located in three different states. During our trip we accidentally booked a hotel in Wisconsin when we meant to stay in Illinois. The small town we stayed in Wisconsin turned out to be perfect. Sometimes detours are worth the hassle.”