Melanie Brown

~ Product and Sales Director (Co-Owner)

Melanie Brown, with an impressive 25 years of experience, leads the helm of our Travel Advisor team crafting dream journeys for discerning travelers. Melanie’s journey in the travel industry began as a pursuit of fun and adventure, evolving into a passionate commitment to achieving clients’ wildest travel dreams come to life.

A master in understanding clients’ needs and preferences, Melanie thrives on engaging conversations about their experiences and desires. She believes a client’s journey starts with thorough planning, emphasizing the significance of creating trips of a lifetime from the very beginning.

Melanie’s success is built on strategic partnerships with airlines, hotels, and local operators, fostering relationships for over two decades. Her commitment to staying informed about the latest travel trends and industry changes is evident through regular check-ins with industry leaders, newsletters, webinars, and conference attendance.

Melanie’s favorite destinations are as diverse as her expertise. Her top five includes Queenstown, Melbourne, Tropical Northern Queensland, Tasmania, and Kangaroo Island. Each holds a special place in her heart, reflecting her appreciation for natural beauty, vibrant cities, and unique experiences.

An active participant in travel-related events and conferences, Melanie attends major industry gatherings such as the Australia Tourism Exchange (ATE), Fiji Tourism Exchange (FTE), and Trenz in New Zealand. These conferences connect About Australia with a vast network of tourism industry partners and suppliers across the region.

A word from Melanie:

Do you have any success stories or particularly memorable client experiences you can share?

“One client was traveling alone, her first major solo trip this far from home. Just the planning of the trip was a challenge as she wanted to visit some unique places (think “The Man From Snowy River” as she was an avid horseback rider). Her trip started off a little bumpy with flight delays, baggage delays and overall stress that comes with those challenges. We helped her through them and she got back on track to have one of the best trips of her life. We still check in with each other to this day. She took that trip with us back in 2015!”