MJ Maxwell

~ Director of Marketing and Technology (Co-Owner)

Melissa Maxwell, affectionately known as MJ, is a Co-Owner and the Director of Marketing and Technology with nearly a decade of experience in the travel industry. Raised as a “military brat,” MJ’s upbringing had her criss-crossing the United States, fostering a love for exploration from a young age. She graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Organization Communications and Sociology.

Having previously worked in the radio industry, surrounded by passionate individuals pursuing their dreams, MJ recognized the joy that comes from connecting people to their passions. Her love for music parallels her passion for travel, and when the opportunity arose to make people’s travel dreams come true, she couldn’t resist.

Tasmania holds a special place in MJ’s heart, a land of enchantment where she dreams of owning what the Tassies call a “shack” in the Tasmanian wilderness. The dramatic coastlines, Tassie laid-back culture, adorable wombats, and hikes that transport you to a pristine prehistoric world make Tasmania a magical destination for MJ.

At About Australia, MJ is the driving force behind marketing and technology. Her primary motivation stems from a deep desire to support the incredible team and their unwavering commitment to excellence. Collaborating with Lizandra, she curates the online experience, showcasing the passion and commitment of the exceptional team. MJ’s role goes beyond words as she empowers the team with the tools needed for seamless processes, ensuring clients embark on unforgettable vacations.

A word from MJ

Can you recount a memorable experience where you exceeded expectations to meet a client’s needs?

“Once, a solo traveler faced a health crisis while in Sydney. She hadn’t checked in at her initial hotel and was off the radar for a while. Ana her, Travel Advisor, instinctually knew something was wrong and rallied the team. Throughout the night three of us made calls to other hotels and hospitals. When we finally located her, she was in the hospital, having lost all her luggage with no memory of where she might have misplaced it.

Feeling like a detective, I traced her steps and contacted countless locations in Sydney. I was filled with immense surprise, joy and satisfaction when I found her luggage – all intact, with her money, credit cards, and passport still in her purse. One of our fantastic contacts personally delivered everything to her in the hospital. We went above and beyond, and so did the city of Sydney. She was in crisis, vulnerable and alone and we did our best from across the world, but the people of Sydney truly stepped up to take care of her too.”