Mo Hartman

~ Travel Administrative and Contract Specialist

Mo Hartman, the Travel Administrative and Contract Specialist at About Australia, brings a fresh perspective to the dynamic world of travel with one year of experience in the industry.

Beyond the travel realm, Mo finds joy in cultivating culinary mushrooms, crafting batches of kombucha, and mastering the art of cold process soap. This creative spirit extends into Mo’s work at About Australia, where precision and passion come together.

Sedona, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest hold a special place in Mo’s heart, drawing inspiration from the serene landscapes of the Redwood Forest and the enchanting winters. In the vast and vibrant world of Australian and New Zealand fauna, Mo’s favorite is the charming Fairy Penguin.

As a Contract Specialist, Mo plays a pivotal role in managing agreements with vendors and partners, ensuring seamless operations and crafting exceptional experiences for travelers. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Mo optimizes spending while upholding the highest standards of service for travelers.

Mo’s commitment to precision, creativity, and strategic thinking makes a valuable contribution to the About Australia team.