Stephanie Moreno

~ Travel Advisor

Stephanie Moreno is a seasoned Travel Advisor at About Australia, with two decades of experience in the travel industry. Having worked in corporate domestic and international travel, Stephanie later found her true calling in specializing in South Pacific leisure travel.

Her expertise lies in crafting off-the-beaten-path vacations, where she surprises clients with unique destinations and experiences, from historical lighthouses to treehouse accommodations. Stephanie’s motto is to go beyond the ordinary – why settle for a regular hotel when you can spend a night in a place with a story to tell? Why see a Tasmanian devil at a zoo, when you can see one on your porch at night?

Stephanie excels in the art of self-drive vacations, earning her the affectionate title of the “self-drive queen” among her colleagues. Her love for longer trips, spanning 60-90 days, showcases her commitment to providing clients with immersive and extensive travel experiences.

In the face of unexpected challenges, Stephanie goes above and beyond to meet clients’ expectations. Recently, when a passing storm disrupted a couple’s plans to visit the Great Barrier Reef, Stephanie rearranged their itinerary, ensuring they still had the opportunity to experience this iconic destination after the storm passed. Another client unable to take a gondola ride due to high winds received a private tour of a wildlife center, complete with the chance to meet a koala.

To stay abreast of the latest travel trends and industry changes, Stephanie leverages personal relationships with travel providers in the South Pacific. Regular updates from tourism boards, attendance at conferences and seminars, and participation in trade shows contribute to her comprehensive knowledge of the evolving travel landscape.

A word from Stephanie:

Do you have any success stories or particularly memorable client experiences you can share?

“ I have a client that gives me carte blanche when it comes to planning her trips and she just got back from what I told her was “weird and wild” Australia. On this trip, she went through Horizontal Falls, saw the Staircase to the Moon celestial event and flew over some of Australia’s bright pink lakes before making a remote landing for lunch at an “outback” pub. She told me she had no idea any of those things existed in the world and felt like an explorer! She travels all over the world, so it felt good to really impress her.”