Train Trips in Australia & the South Pacific

Discover the wonders of Australia and New Zealand with amazing train trips. Experience the magic of rail travel with an array of breathtaking overnight and day tours that showcase the diverse landscapes and iconic sights of these remarkable regions.

In Australia, famous trains such as The Ghan offer an unforgettable adventure from the tropical Top End in Darwin, through the heart of the Outback, to the vibrant city of Adelaide. Experience the elegance of the Indian Pacific, journeying from the Pacific Ocean in Sydney to the serene waters of the Indian Ocean in Perth, traversing the vast Nullarbor Plain in unparalleled style. For those seeking shorter yet equally enchanting journeys, Australia’s picturesque day tours, like the Puffing Billy through the lush Dandenong Ranges or the Kuranda Scenic Railway in tropical North Queensland, promise unforgettable sights and moments.

Across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand, the timeless beauty of the TranzAlpine awaits, offering views of the majestic Southern Alps and the pristine Canterbury Plains. The Coastal Pacific, with its stunning coastal vistas and vine-covered landscapes, and the Northern Explorer, capturing the essence of the North Island’s dynamic scenery, promise rail journeys that linger in your memory long after the trip ends.

At About Australia, we specialize in creating tailor-made trips that are as unique as the travelers we serve. Our commitment to ensuring a “No Worries Journey” means we handle all the intricate details, so you can relax and immerse yourself in the extraordinary touring experiences awaiting you. From seamless bookings to curated itineraries, we make dream Australia rail journeys and South Pacific holidays a reality. Join us and discover the joy of traveling by train through some of the most stunning landscapes on earth.


Rail Journeys IN AUSTRALIA and New Zealand

View some of our most loved train touring itineraries or Australia vacations to get a taste of what we have to offer. Our curated itineraries highlight the very best of famous rail travel in the region.

Ready to start planning? Request a quote for your personalized Australian train journey today and let About Australia craft the perfect itinerary for you. Enjoy a seamless, stress-free adventure where we take care of all the details for a truly “No Worries Journey.” 

Spirit of Queensland Australia

10 DAYS, 8 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31216

Queensland Rail & Coastal Vacation Trip

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Gold Coast (3 Nights), Spirit of Queensland Rail Journey (1), Cairns (4)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Trains
EXPERIENCE: Beaches, Island & Reef | Wildlife | Trains, Nature
The Ghan Over bridge Australia

14 DAYS, 12 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31088

Tropical Reef, Outback & Ghan Train Tour

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Cairns (3 Nights), Darwin (2), Ghan (1), Alice Springs (1), Uluru (2), Sydney (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Trains
EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef | Nature | Wildlife | Indigenous Culture | Trains
Indian Pacific Train Australia

20 DAYS, 18 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31140

Wine, Sydney, Reef & Western Australian Train Journey

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Sydney (1 Nights), Hunter Valley (2), Sydney (2), Adelaide (2), Indian Pacific (2), Perth (3), Cairns (3), Spirit of Queensland (1), Brisbane (2)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Trains
EXPERIENCE: Trains | Food & Wine | Beaches, Island & Reef | Cities, Art & History
The Ghan Train Australia

18 DAYS, 16 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31029

Grand Australia Ghan Travel Package

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Cairns (3 Nights), Darwin (3), Ghan (2), Adelaide (2), Melbourne (3), Sydney (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel | Trains
EXPERIENCE: Trains | Nature | Outback | Wildlife | Beaches, Island & Reef | Cities, Art & History

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The  best Train Trips & Holidays

Learn more about Australia and New Zealand’s best train experiences, where breathtaking destinations and unparalleled comfort combine to create unforgettable adventures. Get in touch with us today to have one of our specialized travel advisors create a tailor-made train travel itinerary just for you.

The Ghan | Australia Train Journeys

The Ghan

The Ghan offers an iconic journey from Darwin to Adelaide, taking you through the heart of Australia’s rugged Outback. This legendary route covers lush tropics, ancient red deserts, and the majestic Flinders Ranges. Onboard, you’ll enjoy luxurious cabins, gourmet meals, and immersive off-train excursions, such as exploring Katherine Gorge and Alice Springs. The Ghan promises an unparalleled exploration of Australia’s diverse landscapes, providing a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. This is one of our favorite journeys.

Indian Pacific | Australia Train Journeys

Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific connects Sydney and Perth, offering a transcontinental adventure across Australia’s vast and varied destinations. This epic journey takes you through the Blue Mountains, across the barren expanse of the Nullarbor Plain, and into the vibrant cityscapes of Adelaide and Perth. Onboard, guests enjoy luxurious amenities, fine dining, and fascinating off-train excursions. View the ever-changing landscapes from lush vineyards to arid deserts, all from the comfort of your private cabin. Embark on this extraordinary rail adventure with the expert guidance your personal Travel Advisor at About Australia.

Great Southern | Australia Train Journeys

Great Southern

The Great Southern offers a spectacular journey between Brisbane and Adelaide, highlighting the stunning scenery of Australia’s southeastern coast. Passengers will experience the beauty of the Great Dividing Range, picturesque vineyards, and pristine beaches. Onboard, enjoy top-tier service, exquisite cuisine, and thoughtfully curated off-train experiences. This journey is a feast for the senses, providing a unique perspective of Australia’s diverse destinations. Start planning your coastal adventure with your mates at About Australia for a seamless and memorable trip.

Spirit of Queensland  | Australia Train Journeys

Spirit of Queensland

The Spirit of Queensland travels from Brisbane to Cairns, showcasing the picturesque coastal landscapes of Queensland. This modern train features comfortable seating and state-of-the-art facilities, including the innovative RailBed—a lie-flat bed for overnight comfort. Along the way, explore vibrant cities, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy the scenic journey with panoramic views and exceptional onboard service.

Overland | Australia Rail Journeys

The Overland

The Overland connects Melbourne and Adelaide, offering a comfortable and scenic rail journey through the Australian countryside. Passengers can relax in spacious seating and enjoy delicious meals while taking in the view of rolling hills, farmlands, and quaint towns. This historic route has been transporting travelers for over 130 years, combining charm with modern amenities. Experience the rich history and picturesque landscapes of southern Australia. Plan your timeless journey with Travel Advisors at About Australia and travel through history with ease.

Kuranda Scenic Railway Australia Train Journeys

Kuranda Scenic Railway

The Kuranda Scenic Railway offers a stunning day trip from Cairns to the mountain village of Kuranda. The journey winds through lush tropical rainforests, past majestic waterfalls, and over deep ravines. The historic train features heritage carriages and informative commentary, enriching your experience of this World Heritage-listed region. At Kuranda, explore local markets, wildlife parks, and the enchanting Butterfly Sanctuary. The Kuranda is an easy and cost effective way to add the historic charm of trains to any Australia itinerary. We’d love you hear from you! Request your free travel consultation today.

Puffing Billy Railway Australia Train Journeys

Puffing Billy Railway

The Puffing Billy Railway is a charming steam train that travels through the picturesque Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne. This heritage railway offers an enchanting ride through lush fern gullies, towering eucalyptus forests, and over historic wooden trestle bridges. Perfect for a family outing or a romantic day trip, Puffing Billy provides a nostalgic journey back in time. The open-sided carriages allow for a breathtaking view and fresh mountain air. Create lasting memories by adding this delightful day trip to your customized About Australia itinerary.

TranzAlpine New Zealand Train Journeys

TranzAlpine, New Zealand

The TranzAlpine is renowned for its breathtaking journey across New Zealand’s Southern Alps, connecting Christchurch and Greymouth. The route showcases diverse landscapes, from the fertile Canterbury Plains to the dramatic gorges and alpine scenery of Arthur’s Pass. The panoramic windows and open-air viewing carriage offer stunning views of snow-capped peaks, deep blue rivers, and lush rainforests. This journey is perfect for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Coastal Pacific | New Zealand Train Journeys

Coastal Pacific, New Zealand

The Coastal Pacific offers a spectacular rail journey along New Zealand’s South Island, connecting Christchurch and Picton. The route follows the rugged coastline, providing breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Kaikoura Ranges, and charming seaside towns. Passengers can enjoy the panoramic windows, open-air viewing carriage, and comfortable seating. With opportunities to spot marine wildlife and explore local vineyards, this journey combines relaxation and adventure.

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