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New Zealand Escorted Group Experiences

Immerse yourself in New Zealand’s natural wonders, vibrant culture, and thrilling adventures with our meticulously curated escorted group tours. Crafted to deliver a seamless and enriching travel experience, our tours blend expert guidance, cozy accommodations, and unforgettable exploration. Enjoy the convenience of most meals included, allowing you to savor local flavors without worry. Plus, join a group of like-minded travelers for the chance to forge new friendships and create lifelong memories together.


Escorted Group Itineraries of New Zealand

Explore some of our most popular escorted tours of New Zealand and then connect with your About Australia Travel Advisor. They will assist you in finding the perfect tour to match your style and budget. With access to hundreds of options, we can customize your experience by combining tours with flights and arranging pre/post touring, ensuring your New Zealand adventure aligns perfectly with your dreams.
Franz Josef
11 DAYS, 9 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31109-SGPSI10

Escorted New Zealand South Island Tour

COUNTRIES: New Zealand DESTINATIONS: Christchurch (1 Night), Franz Josef (1), Queenstown (2), Te Anau (2), Dunedin (1), Twizel (1), Christchurch (1) STYLE: Escorted Group Travel EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Nature | Indigenous Culture | Trains
Otago Peninsula Dunedin New Zealand
15 DAYS, 13 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31105-SGPP14

New Zealand Signature Panorama Escorted Tour

COUNTRIES: New Zealand DESTINATIONS: Christchurch (1 Night), Twizel (1), Dunedin (1), Te Anau (1), Queenstown (2), Franz Josef (1), Christchurch (1), Wellington (2), Rotorua (2), Auckland (1) STYLE: Escorted Group Travel EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Nature | Indigenous Culture
Waitomo Glow Worm Caves

17 DAYS, 15 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31114-UGPN16

Highlights of New Zealand Luxury Tour

COUNTRIES: New Zealand DESTINATIONS: Christchurch (1 Night), Mt Cook (1), Dunedin (1), Te Anau (1), Queenstown (2), Franz Josef (1), Christchurch (1), Wellington (2), Rotorua (2), Bay of Islands (2), Auckland (1) STYLE: Escorted Group Travel | Luxury EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef | Nature | Wildlife | Indigenous Culture | Trains

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the  best Escorted Group Experiences in New Zealand

Discover the ultimate in escorted group tours through the stunning landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of New Zealand. Escorted group tours combine expert guidance and seamless travel logistics with carefully curated itineraries that showcase both iconic landmarks and hidden treasures off the beaten path.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant cities, encounter diverse wildlife, and delve into the indigenous Maori culture, all while forging new friendships and sharing unforgettable moments with fellow travelers.

Whether you’re hiking through lush rainforests, indulging in local delicacies, or experiencing traditional Maori ceremonies, our selected escorted group tours of New Zealand promise a perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Our About Australia Travel Advisors are here to simplify your journey. Share your interests and preferences with us, and we’ll tailor a personalized itinerary from our extensive selection of tours. With our expert knowledge and dedication to exceptional service, we guarantee a memorable and customized New Zealand adventure that exceeds your expectations.

Guided Escorted Tours of New Zealand

Standard New Zealand Guided tours

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience with Standard New Zealand Guided Tours, designed for intimate groups of up to 32 travelers. Enjoy premium coaches featuring spacious Premium Economy Comfort leather and cloth reclining seats, panoramic views, and individual amenities like tray tables, cup holders, and USB charging ports. Benefit from multimedia entertainment systems, onboard Wi-Fi, and essential comforts such as restroom facilities and air conditioning.

Indulge in 4-star hotel accommodations with deluxe amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and diverse dining options. Your journey is guided by a professional selected for their expert knowledge and driving experience, complemented by commentary that enriches your travel experience with local insights and anecdotes. Accompanying you throughout is a dedicated  Tour Leader, ensuring a seamless and memorable Kiwi experience.

Book with About Australia, and we’ll handle all your flights and pre/post touring, offering services typically not included in a standard guided tour of New Zealand.

Luxury Guided Escorted Tours of New Zealand

Luxury New Zealand Guided Tours

Step into luxury and exclusivity with Luxury New Zealand Guided Tours, featuring a full-size coach accommodating a maximum of 20 travelers. Revel in Business Class reclining leather seats with adjustable headrests and calf support, panoramic views, and onboard amenities including personal storage and complimentary Wi-Fi. Indulge in a stylish center galley area with refreshments and a range of entertainment options.

Travel in unparalleled comfort with ultimate small group touring, designed to provide Business Class-level service and quality throughout your journey. Enjoy VIP extras such as a comprehensive documentation pack, complimentary pre-dinner drinks, boxed mints, and souvenir water bottles. Experience premium hotel accommodations with 4.5-star ratings, offering luxurious comfort and extensive guest facilities in unique locations across New Zealand.

Your journey is guided by a professional renowned for their expertise and attention to detail. Enjoy their engaging commentary filled with local insights, myths, legends, and laughter as you explore the beauty of New Zealand in style and luxury.

When you book with About Australia, we’ll take care of all your flights and pre/post touring, providing services that are typically not included in a luxury guided tour of New Zealand.

planning your FULLY GUIDED trip to NEW ZEALAND?

Get expert help from an Aussie Specialist who has the knowledge and experience to help you plan and book every detail of your trip.

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