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Celebrate your life together with a once-in-a-lifetime romantic adventure in Australia or the South Pacific. Our Travel Advisors can create the perfect Australian Honeymoon package to suit your needs, with all flights, hotels, tours and activities included. Looking to have a little romance in Fiji? We’re here to help. Share incredible experiences in one of the world’s top bucket list destinations.

About Australia offers flexible payment plans and a Honeymoon Registry for your convenience. 



Does your idea of an Australian honeymoon include picture-perfect beaches with soft golden sands and crystal clear waters? How about thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the one you love?

Australia, home to some of the world’s best beaches and unique experiences, offers the ultimate destination for romance and adventure alike. Whether you’re seeking serene moments by the ocean or thrilling outdoor activities like diving on the Great Barrier Reef or hiking in the rugged Outback, Australia provides unparalleled opportunities for a honeymoon filled with both relaxation and excitement.

We can create an Australia honeymoon or romanic getaway to match any interest and budget.

Brisbane - Couple with Kangaroo
18 DAYS, 16 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31136

Highlights & East Coast Australia Itinerary

COUNTRIES: Australia
DESTINATIONS: Sydney (3 Nights), Melbourne (2), Alice Springs (1), Ayers Rock (2), Cairns (4), Gold Coast (2), Brisbane (2)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Honeymoon & Romance
EXPERIENCE:Cities, Art & History | Food & Wine | Indigenous Culture | Nature, Outback | Wildlife
Couple at Devil's Bath Rotorua
15 DAYS, 13 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31099

Aussie and Kiwi Marvels

COUNTRIES: Australia and New Zealand
DESTINATIONS: Sydney (3 Nights), Port Douglas (3), Auckland (1), Rotorua (2), Lake Tekapo (1), Queenstown (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Self Drive| Honeymoon & Romance
EXPERIENCE: Beaches, Island & Reef | Cities, Art & History
Couple floating in water Fiji
15 DAYS, 13 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31045

Australia Highlights and Fiji Islands Vacation

COUNTRIES: Australia and Fiji
DESTINATIONS: Sydney (2 Nights), Port Douglas (3), Melbourne (3), Denarau (1), Matamanoa (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Honeymoon & Romance
EXPERIENCE: Cities, Art & History | Nature | Wildlife | Indigenous Culture | Beaches, Island & Reef
Ayers Rock - Couple Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park

25 DAYS, 23 NIGHTS | $$$$$ | BOOKING CODE: AA-31061

Australia, New Zealand & Fiji Vacation

COUNTRIES: Australia, New Zealand & Fiji
DESTINATIONS: Wellington (2 Nights), Christchurch (2), Queenstown (3), Sydney (3), Ayers Rock (2), Port Douglas (4), Melbourne (3), The Palms (1), Matamanoa (3)
STYLE: Independent Travel| Honeymoon & Romance
EXPERIENCE:Cities, Art & History | Beaches, Island & Reef | Outback| Trains | Food & Wine

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Learn more about Australia’s world-famous honeymoon trips, then get in touch to have one of our Travel Advisors create a tailor-made honeymoon package just for you!

Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon Registry

Imagine the ultimate gift – the gift of travel! A honeymoon exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Australia and the enchanting islands of the South Pacific is the perfect present for any travel-loving couple. About Australia offers an exclusive, free wedding registry tailored specifically for your dream honeymoon to Australia. With this registry, your friends and family can contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime romantic adventure spanning the stunning locales of Australia, the idyllic beaches of Fiji, and the vibrant culture of the South Pacific.

Private Beaches

Private Beaches & Islands

Australia and Fiji offer exceptional romantic private beach options. In Australia, Whitehaven Beach, Wineglass Bay, and Lizard Island provide stunning natural beauty and secluded experiences through private charters, hikes, and luxury resort access. In Fiji, Matangi Island’s Horseshoe Bay, Vatulele Island, and the Yasawa Islands feature pristine waters, coral reefs, and exclusive private beach experiences provided by luxury resorts, ensuring intimate and romantic getaways.

Wine Tasting and Dining

Wine Tasting & Dining

Australia and New Zealand offer exquisite romantic wine and dining experiences. In Australia, the Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley are renowned for their world-class wineries and gourmet dining, with opportunities for intimate vineyard tours and private tastings. New Zealand’s Marlborough and Central Otago regions are famous for their exceptional wines, particularly Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, and feature picturesque wineries with cozy, romantic dining options. Both countries provide unforgettable settings for couples to enjoy fine wines and culinary delights in stunning landscapes.

Reefsuites and Heart Reef

Reef suites & Heart Reef

Heart Reef and the Reefsuites in the Whitsundays offer unparalleled romantic experiences. Heart Reef, a naturally formed heart-shaped coral formation, is best viewed from the air via scenic helicopter or seaplane tours, providing a breathtaking backdrop for proposals or special moments. The Reefsuites, Australia’s first underwater accommodation, allow couples to sleep beneath the waves on the Great Barrier Reef. Guests enjoy luxury amenities, private views of the vibrant marine life, and intimate dining experiences. Together, Heart Reef and the Reefsuites create an unforgettable romantic escape in the stunning Whitsundays.

Sunset Cruise and Dinner

Sunset Cruise Dinner

Australia offers enchanting romantic sunset cruises, perfect for couples seeking memorable experiences on the water. In Sydney, a sunset cruise on the harbour provides breathtaking views of the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge as the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors. The Whitsundays offer serene sunset cruises through the stunning archipelago, allowing couples to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. In Melbourne, a Yarra River sunset cruise offers a unique perspective of the city’s skyline, blending urban sophistication with natural beauty. These romantic sunset cruises across Australia create unforgettable moments as couples soak in the stunning scenery and the magic of the setting sun.

Overwater Bure

Overwater Bures & Bungalows

Fiji’s overwater bures and Tahiti’s overwater bungalows offer couples unparalleled romantic experiences in the South Pacific. Fiji’s bures, located in serene settings like the Mamanuca or Yasawa Islands, provide luxury accommodations above clear lagoons with direct water access for snorkeling and swimming. These private retreats feature expansive decks for sunset views and intimate moments surrounded by the ocean’s tranquility.  Couples can unwind in seclusion, enjoying the stunning backdrop of turquoise waters and lush mountains. A short stay in Fiji after a romantic adventure in Australia is the perfect way to end a honeymoon on a relaxing note, combining adventure and tranquility for an unforgettable journey together.

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Discover luxury romantic options in Australia, featuring exquisite lodges nestled in stunning landscapes. Embark on scenic helicopter rides over iconic landmarks and indulge in private tours tailored to your desires. From secluded beach escapes to gourmet dining experiences, create unforgettable moments in Australia’s most exclusive destinations.