Australian Currency

What Type of Money Do They Use in Australia?

Australia’s national currency is called the Australian dollar (AUD) which comes in polymer (plastic) notes of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

Coins are in 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent denominations as well as $1 and $2 denominations.

The exchange rate of AUD to USD is currently $1.00 AUD to $0.67 USD.

What is the US to Australian Dollar Exchange Rate?

The exchange rate from USD to AUD varies, although generally the USD is about $.09-$.4 stronger than the AUD.

This means $1.00 USD is equivalent to approximately $1.40 AUD on average.

Currently $1.00 US dollar to the Australian dollar is equivalent to $1.57 AUD.

Comparing Australian currency to the United States dollar, $1.00 Australian dollar is worth $0.67 in US dollars.

To check the current exchange rate at any time, go to

How Much is $100 US in Australia?

The US dollar goes further in Australia, with $100 USD currently equal to $151.17 AUD. If you go up to $200 USD, that is equal to $298.83 AUD – nearly $300.

Credit Cards Accepted in Australia

MasterCard and Visa are both commonly accepted in Australia followed by Diners Club cards, accepted in many places, as well as limited acceptance of American Express.

Discover credit card is generally NOT accepted in Australia.

Credit card issuers commonly charge anywhere from 1% to 3% for purchases made in other countries.

Before traveling, contact the bank that issued your credit card or debit card and ask about their fees.

Debit cards normally have lower fees, but be sure to check all your options.

You’ll rarely get charged extra by a store in Australia for using a credit card to make a purchase; however you can look for signs or ask the cashier before using your card just to be safe.

ATMs are available throughout Australia. When you contact your bank before traveling, ask if they partner with any banks in Australia that will allow you to use their ATMs without a charge.

Before traveling to Australia, be sure to contact your bank and inform them that you will be traveling and using your credit card overseas. If you fail to inform your bank of your travel plans, your card may be put on hold and you will not have immediate access to your account!

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